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Protestant service in the country in the EKD (EDL)

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The Protestant service in the country promotes teams working in rural areas in the member churches of the EKD, and links them together.

He represents the interests of the Church’s service in the country opposite the institutions of the EKD, the state and the public. He works with other specialized ministries together, for example, the Protestant work on Diakonia and Development (EWDE), the Catholics rural people movement (KLB), the German Farmers Association (DBV), the German Country Women’s Association (DLV) and other agricultural associations and institutions as well as the Association of the environmental officer in the member churches of the EKD. The EDL also perceive presentations as part of Green Week and Church Conferences. The EDL conducts an annual symposium in spring.

Our international contacts are organised in International Rural Churches Association (IRCA). The section IRCA-EUROPE finds its voice across both Eastern and Western Europe, bringing a long history of rural living to the international stage. We bridge the barriers of history, culture an language to come to together to share our experiences and challenges.

The International Rural Churches Association is a network of people with a passion for rural communities, based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to be a voice for the rural community worldwide and to encourage sustainable rural communities and practices.

In June 2019 the fundamentals for the EDL profile and work were published.

Board of the EDL from left to Right:
Jan Menkhaus, Ricarda Rabe, Dr. Karsten Schulz, Rolf Brauch, Werner Hajek,
Monika Nack, Dr. Anne-Katrin Pappert